Last week, a tweet from a Danish media analyst contrasting Google and Apple's hamburger emoji designs set the internet ablaze. Google's take on the emoji, which places the cheese below the patty, drew the ire of many. Less than 12 hours later, Google CEO Sundar Pichai responded, reassuring everyone that the company would address the matter immediately. While the world waits to see whether Google changes (some would say, corrects) the architecture of its Android hamburger emoji, there is one update to share: Googlers were served "Android Burgers" on Friday – and, yes, the cheese was kept below the beef patty.

The tweet that started it all.

Around lunchtime yesterday, Google engineer Brad Fitzpatrick tweeted a picture of cheeseburgers served at the Googleplex. While it's difficult to make out exactly how the "Android Burger" was constructed, it's clear that the beef patty sits on top of a melted slice of cheddar cheese, which stubbornly adheres to the ordering of fixings seen in Google's hamburger emoji.

The "Android Burger," constructed like the Android 8.0 hamburger emoji. (Funnily enough, Twitter's burger emoji orders things more traditionally.)

Google added a slice of cheese to its hamburger emoji in Android 8.0. From Android 4.4 through 5.0, Google's burger emoji didn't include cheese at all, and in Android 4.3 the burger was black and white.

For those who truly care about seeing Google implement a fix for its hamburger emoji (we know there are some of you), a disgruntled soul actually created an issue in the Issue Tracker.