Late last month, Essential dropped the price of its flagship (and only) phone from $699 to $499 in the United States. While Essential said it lowered the price in order to help the company break into the smartphone market, it's also very likely that sales have been poor. A drop was also announced for Canada, but the new price wasn't revealed at the time.

According to the company's Twitter account, the Essential Phone is now dropping from $1,050 to just $650 in Canada - a reduction of $400. At the current exchange rate, that's about $509 in US Dollars, which closely mirrors the phone's price in the US.

Telus originally sold the phone for $290 on a two-year 'Premium Plus' plan and $490 on a regular two-year plan. That price dropped by $90 soon after, and last month the price dropped to $0 with a $95/month payment plan. All that time, the full price was still $1,050.

The Essential Phone isn't sold unlocked in Canada, as it is in the United States. You can only buy it through Telus, but recent legislation means Telus won't charge you for unlocking it.