Halloween is over (sad face) but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy its nerdy tricks and its geeky treats. Google Home already has its own Halloween tricks, but if you're an awesome dad, you'd go above and beyond that. Case in point: this set of Halloween bowls rigged by tjudkinsYT and demoed by his daughter. He's using Android Things on a Raspberry Pi and his own unpublished Action on Google (hence the "getting the test version of Trick or Treat Bowl" you hear the nice Google lady say in reply) to trigger it through Assistant on his Home Mini.

The result is all so cute. You get a Halloween joke, delivered with the wry tone of Google's text-to-speech, and then you're asked if you want a trick or a treat. Based on the answer, one of the bowls will open up. You can see the video demo for each bowl below.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to share this article with my husband. He's been wanting a Raspberry Pi for months now, and this will definitely push him over the edge. He'll probably fill both bowls with treats though... not that I'm complaining.