Google's Pixelbook might not be for everyone. It does need somewhat unique tastes—and a very flexible workflow—to truly appreciate it. But if you did plonk down the $999+ required to snag one, now you can get an appropriately ostentatious clip for the accompanying Pixelbook Pen

As AP's resident leather expert (my credentials), I'm always excited to see new accessories made from one of my favorite materials. I can't speak to the quality of Bellroy's products, as I've never personally used one. But, at a glance, it looks pretty decent. At least, based on the images provided.

Bellroy touts it as made from "High-quality, environmentally certified leather," and I'm not really sure what sort of certification that might imply, but it looks like decent top-grain leather to me. The bits that aren't leather are "Polymer," so probably TPU. Bellroy backs it with a three-year warranty.

It appears to clip to the sides of the display around where the keyboard sits, which might look a little awkward when opened. The pen clip comes in "Caramel," black, and navy. Though you can't buy one now, the $29 stylus holder is listed as coming soon.