Bandai Namco has recently pushed out Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage for pre-registration on the Play Store. It is billed as a brand new action strategy RPG. It would seem you will be tasked with building an impenetrable fortress where you have to protect your village from other players, all the while venturing forth into the world and attacking any village that is not your own.

As you can see in the above trailer, it is revealed that the gameplay consists of running around a stage littered with traps and enemies. It would seem that this is the basis of the game. You simply drop a team of ninjas into another player's base or stage to then make your way through while avoiding traps and destroying all enemies that cross your path. This is most likely done in order to compete for battle rankings by earning points through attacking and protecting these fortresses.


What is nice about this setup is that you will be able to have your friends join along with you in your fun thanks to the inclusion of online multiplayer missions. This means you can team up with 4 players to defeat many powerful enemies together in real time.


So if any of this sounds good to you, or you are simply a huge Naruto fan, Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage may actually be a game worth checking out, if not just for the multiplayer aspect. While it's still unknown whether or not the game will be free-to-play or what type of in-app purchases it will include, the current glimpse we get of the gameplay leads me to believe this will be another FTP release from the likes of Bandai Namco. How much that will affect the gameplay is obviously the main question we would all like answered. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.