One million downloads is awesome. Five million, even more so. Ten million is incredible. But 500 million downloads takes it to a whole other level. That's the figure that UC Browser has just achieved on the Play Store, and even if you don't use or like this particular app, you have to admit it's damn impressive.

UC Browser is a web browser produced by UCWeb, which is owned by the gigantic Alibaba Group. There's a lot of heavy, paid promotion done for UC Browser, but this is no small feat in any case. Interestingly, the Play Store description pays special attention to a "cricket card feature," which should probably tell you this app isn't being marketed at Americans.

If you'd like to check UC Browser out for yourself, you can do so via the Play Store widget below. Alternatively, if you don't want to contribute to the app's already-huge download count, you can download it from APK Mirror.