Google's Home line of products is compatible with over a thousand smart home devices now, which means that it can get a little confusing as to what's supported and what isn't. To alleviate this, Google has published a searchable list of all Home Control partners.

The list includes direct links to each partner's list of supported products, so you'll be able to see what exactly will work with your Home and what won't. Third-party developed services like Actions on Google are also present here. All this is searchable, so if you're just looking for lock integration, you can enter 'locks' and learn that, August, and Nexia have what you're looking for. The 'Narrow by ...' box is kind of useless, though.

So if you're a smart home fanatic like Artem, you now have another page to add to your bookmarks. This is a great way to reference what can be used with your Google Home, Home Mini, or Home Max.