The µTorrent client on Android has hundreds of millions of downloads, but that's not surprising. People love downloading Linux ISOs, right? Starting today, there's a beta program for the µTorrent app, and it'll let you stream your "Linux ISOs" immediately instead of downloading them.

Here's the changelog for the first µTorrent beta.

Torrent Streaming!
Now you don’t have to wait for torrents to download. You can start enjoying your torrents right away via streaming.

Yep, that's it. Streaming a torrent is an option in addition to downloading, which requires some changes to the client. A torrent is downloaded from multiple sources in blocks with the aim of completing the transfer as quickly and efficiently as possible. That doesn't always mean you'll have the beginning of a file before the middle or end. Streaming actually grabs the necessary parts to let you watch the video immediately.

When downloading a video torrent, the app shows a play button. Tap that, and the integrated video player opens. However, if there aren't enough seeds or peers, you might not have enough bandwidth to stream the video. This is a beta version of the app, so you have to join the testing program before it'll show up.