A few weeks ago, Amazon announced that the Alexa voice assistant would be coming to India via the second-generation Echo, the Echo Plus, and the Echo Dot. Fast forward to today, and those three Echo products have begun to ship to those customers who bought them by invitation on Amazon India. The new Echo and Echo Plus actually began shipping in the US today as well.

To grab any one of these, you had to request an invitation. Once you got one, you could purchase an Echo for ₹9,999 ($153), the Echo Plus for ₹14,999 ($230), or an Echo Dot for ₹4999 ($76) with a nice 30% discount and a free year of Amazon Prime on top. This news of shipping matches up with Amazon's original claim of "the week of October 30th."

Amazon's blog post also mentions all the things that developers who've received their Echo devices can do with them, including teach it new skills with the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), use Amazon templates to make something from scratch, or add English (IN) skills if a comparable English (US) or English (UK) one already exists. And if you publish an Alexa skill this month, you'll get a free limited-edition Alexa developer t-shirt. Nifty.

The Echo line is expected to head to Japan next, so those of you who live there should stay tuned.