It wasn't too long ago that Xiaomi only sold its products within the confines of China, but over the past few years, the company has extended its reach. It currently sells devices in China, India, Southeast Asia, Mexico, the Middle East, South Korea, Egypt, Poland, Ukraine, and Mexico. Now Xiaomi is looking to enter Western Europe, starting with Spain.

Wang Xiang, the Senior Vice President at Xiaomi, announced on Twitter that the company would host a launch event on November 7. As of yet, the company has not confirmed which of its products are launching in Spain. The Spanish Xiaomi site currently has a countdown clock to the event, and links to the Twitter account and Facebook page for the country.

The Western Europe smartphone market is largely dominated by Samsung, so it could be interesting to see Xiaomi shake things up. And perhaps, one day, the company will actually make it to the United States.