Action Launcher is one of Android's most popular replacement launchers, and this has a lot to do with how quick Chris Lacy has recently been to update his app with the latest features of Google's Pixel Launcher. It's much more than just a port, however, and also has original features that its loyal users swear by, such as covers and shutters.

The last two updates have added AdaptivePack icon integration and a customizable bottom search box, à la new Pixel Launcher. The latest bump to version 30 includes the Pixel's 'At a Glance' widget, which shows you your next calendar appointment alongside the current date and weather, and an option to colorize the icons in the search box.

'At a Glance' looks exactly like it does on an OG Pixel or Nexus, i.e. it uses Roboto rather than Product Sans. It's a nice addition of a feature that I've really enjoyed on the Pixel Launcher. The only thing I wish is that it would show events more than 30 mins ahead of time. Perhaps that's an adjustable option Lacy can add in the future.

The dock search box that was added in the last update already had plenty of personalization options, but they mostly related to the box shape and color or the Google logo. Now you can also change the color and pattern of any icons you've added to the box. There are two Google-colored options, in stripes or a grid, and you can also change the angle they display at.

As you'd expect, this update also includes bug fixes and stability improvements. In particular, Lacy says the launcher will run much better on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note8 now. You can update to Action Launcher v30 via the Play Store, or install it manually via APKMirror.

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition
Action Launcher: Pixel Edition