Google Lens is taking its sweet time getting ready for its full-fledged debut. The juiced-up version of Google Goggles is already available to those who use the first- and second-generation Pixel smartphones, but it's cooped up in the Photos app and has yet to appear in Assistant, as promised back in May at I/O. One of the reasons for this delay appears to be aesthetic, as Google Photos v3.8 shows off a new animation while Lens is analyzing a photo.

That nifty neural network-esque overlay of jumpy, colorful dots on the image being analyzed in the newest Google Photos above offers a bit more visual pizazz compared with the older version below, which simply pulls up a white box with four pulsing dots.

If animated GIFs don't do it for you, check out a video of the new Lens animation below (set to some sweet tunes).

I've tested the latest Google Photos APK myself on different devices and, as you'd expect, it's still just for Google's Pixel phones. At least, for now.

Google employees say the rollout of Lens to Assistant is a "few weeks" away. If you want to see the new Lens animation for yourself, grab Google Photos v3.8 from APK Mirror.

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