The Essential Phone wasn't at the top of our list when it came out, and while there were a lot of little reasons for that, the prime determiner of its value—and our disappointment—was the price. At $700 it wasn't really worth it. But when the phone dropped down to $500 earlier this week our opinion changed drastically. And now it turns out there's even a way to get one for just $300 plus taxes. That is, if you are lucky enough to know someone that plopped down the $700 full price.

The details of the $200 discount were announced in Essential's blog post a week ago, in which the new $500 price was first disclosed. To get the $200-off friends & family discount code you'll need to have paid full-price for an Essential Phone purchased from Essential, Sprint, Best Buy, or Amazon, and you'll have to request a code before November 15th here.

There you have to enter some identifying information from your phone and submit your request. Codes just started being delivered, so you shouldn't have long to wait before you get your own. Keep in mind that the codes are single use and represent the only discount original purchasers will receive, so be sure to spend them wisely.

But do spend them soon. Again, codes can only be requested until November 15th, and they expire on December 15th.

At checkout, the discount code appears to work like a gift card

So, uh, anyone got a spare friends & family code? I think I speak for everyone at AP when I say feel free to send one my way.