Google included a nifty (but not original) camera feature with the Pixel 2 and 2 XL called Motion Photos. When you snap a photo, each one has a short video clip attached. These are uploaded to Google Photos along with the still image, but what if you don't want everyone seeing those? Google Photos has an option to trim them out.

Google Photos has a motion on/off toggle, but the Android app lets you go a step further. Open the settings and look under "Sharing." There's a toggle called "remove video from motion photos." It does what the label says. Flip the switch, and all the photos you share will only be still photos—no Motion Photos included. This won't affect the Motion Photos stored in your account.

We know this feature is live in the latest v3.8, but it's also showing up in v3.7. It's possible the option was there before, or perhaps Google pushed out a server-side update to enable it. At any rate, it only became relevant after the Pixel 2 launch.

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