There's a reason we here at AP have a dedicated Verizon hero with devilish features grafted on: the company consistently makes changes that are unfair to its customers. After limiting video quality to 480p and 720p depending on the tier of unlimited plan back in August, Verizon has now brought full-quality streams back - for an extra $10 per month.

Starting November 3rd, Verizon will let you send them an extra $10 per month in exchange for a removal of the video quality limiter. Verizon's poor argument for the initial change was that "few phones offered 4K displays that would be able to take advantage of the higher quality," but neglected to mention the hundreds of millions of 1080p and 1440p display-equipped phones out there that were still being limited. As many of you have mentioned, T-Mobile does this with its ONE plan as well and calls it the ONE Plus add-on, though it does include additional niceties.

So if you want to view videos in full HD or higher, you now can - just prepare to pony up an extra $10 every month. But what did we really expect from a company that's been doing this?