There aren't as many tablet options as there once were. Consumers don't buy tablets like they used to, but Samsung can still afford to dabble in Android slates on occasion. Today, it's reviving an old name for a new device. The new Galaxy Tab A is set to launch in a few days, and it clocks in at a reasonable $229.99. You won't get particularly powerful hardware for that price, though.

The new Galaxy Tab A will be an entry-level Android tablet. Here's what you get spec-wise.


SoC Snapdragon 425
Storage 32GB with microSD
Display 8-inch 1280x800
Battery 5,000mAh
Camera 8MP, 5MP
Software Android 7.1.1
Measurements 8.35” x 4.88” x 0.35”, 12.69oz

This doesn't come with any of Samsung's fancy signature features like an iris scanner, S Pen, Super AMOLED display, or fingerprint sensor. The Snapdragon 425 is also a pretty modest chip. You won't be tearing through the latest games with this tablet, but it should handle lighter stuff and basic browsing just fine.

The tablet launches on Samsung's online store November 1st, but I imagine it'll show up at other retailers later.