Chances are that you've already read about Google's comments on the Pixel 2 XL's display, namely the burn-in and color vividness issues. But in that initial post, the blue tint that many Pixel 2 XL screens are being plagued with was not mentioned. Seang Chau, VP of engineering at Google, is saying that this blue shift is normal. However, owners are not taking to this response too kindly.

Here's what Seang (who wrote this detailed post on the Pixel 2 and 2 XL displays) had to say on the matter:

We want to add some info regarding the blue tint that some of you have been asking about. The slight blue tint is inherent in the display hardware and only visible when you hold the screen at a sharp angle. All displays are susceptible to some level of color shift (e.g. red, yellow, blue) when viewing from off angles due to the pixel cavity design. Similar to our choice with a cooler white point, we went with what users tend to prefer and chose a design that shifts blue.

That seems like a reasonable-enough explanation - at least, until you learn that different Pixel 2 XL units are having varying amounts of blue shift. Some phones produced are having little to no evidence of this blue shift, while others are having quite severe issues. Most, if not all, owners are saying that their Pixel 2 XLs are experiencing this shift even at very minor angles.

Currently, the most logical argument seems to be a poorly-applied polarizer (what allows you to view your screen through polarized sunglasses). But until Google acknowledges the blue tint as being an issue, we won't know for sure.