Following the recent onslaught of home security systems from Nest, SmartThings, and Ring, Wink is throwing its name into the game and announcing Wink Lookout. The Lookout kit will cost $199, which is more in line with Ring's pricing, but it doesn't ask for any monthly subscription fees. That's both a plus and a minus.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's look at the kit. It comes with the Wink Hub 2 ($99), two open/close door and window sensors ($29 each), one motion sensor with adjustable sensitivity ($39), and one siren and chime with a built-in ring of LED lights and 10 selectable sounds ($39). All of these communicate over Z-Wave, so you can purchase them individually if you already have a Wink Hub/Hub 2 or add more sensors to the kit if you have more entry points in your house. The total value is $235 if purchased separately, so you're getting a little deal by grabbing the full Lookout kit. Also, the sensors will come pre-paired with the hub so it's a little less hassle for you.

In addition to the kit, a new Lookout service will roll out to all Wink users for free with the v6.5 app update and will provide a simple dashboard for monitoring your home, checking alerts, controlling the siren, along with options to call 911 or a contact should the need arise. Those of you with a smart home hub have probably already set up a system with a few window/door and motion sensors to keep an eye on the house, so the new dashboard should also be handy for you.

Unlike Nest, SmartThings, and Ring, which are offering a professional monitoring service, there's nothing special about Wink's solution. And that makes it cheaper, more DIY, but also maybe less attractive for those who are used to a high security system with professional help.

Wink Lookout will go on sale October 31st on,, and, and probably the most interesting part is that this is the regular Wink Hub 2 we're talking about, so you can expand it with all kinds of other smart home products like lights, switches, thermostats, cameras, and more.

Press Release

Wink Introduces Wink Lookout™ to Expand Home Safety Ecosystem
Wink Brings Security-Focused Dashboard to Mobile App Making Home Monitoring Holistic, Intuitive, and ActionableOctober 24, 2017 - NEW YORK - Today, Wink announced Wink Lookout™, the all-in-one home safety system that gives people flexibility and control in making their home more secure. Wink Lookout introduces three new products to the Wink product portfolio and is brought to life by the new, free-to-use Wink Lookout mobile dashboard, coming soon in the Wink mobile app.“From the beginning, Wink’s mission has been to provide intuitive experiences that blend hardware and software to simplify our users’ lives and give them peace of mind that a trusted partner has their backs,” said Kit Klein, Head of Engineering, Wink. “Wink Lookout brings to life our strategic vision for helping users feel safe and secure in their homes no matter where they are.”

For those looking for  a comprehensive security monitoring service but wary of high prices, monthly fees, and hidden contracts, the Wink Lookout system is an all-in-one home safety solution. With three new Z-Wave® enabled products that can be purchased together or separately, Wink Lookout furthers Wink’s commitment to providing users flexibility and choice when it comes to staying connected to their homes. Wink Lookout smart security essentials includes:

  • Wink Door / Window Sensors - easily affix to door and window frames around the home and alert you via the Wink mobile app when activity is detected.
  • Wink Motion Sensor - detects a wide range of motion, with adjustable sensitivity for pet immunity, and can be mounted to the wall or placed on a table or shelf anywhere in the home.
  • Wink Siren & Chime - works in tandem with the Wink Door / Window Sensor and Motion Sensor to sound and flash light to ward off intruders and alert household members and neighbors. The chime offers ten selectable sounds, with three volume levels, and can be triggered to sound when events occur such as doors, windows, and garage doors opening and closing.
  • 1 Wink Hub 2 - pre-connected out-of-the-box to the Wink Door / Window Sensors, Wink Motion Sensor, and Wink Siren and adds them to your Wink account in a matter of minutes. In addition to Wink Lookout, Wink Hub 2 brings hundreds of products from dozens of brands together into the Wink mobile app.

Wink Lookout Mobile Service

The Wink Lookout mobile service is the heart of Wink’s expanded home safety ecosystem. Free-to-use and available as part of the 6.5 release of the Wink mobile app, the platform serves as a centralized dashboard that helps you stay in touch with your home wherever you are by providing instant alerts when activity is detected, at-a-glance descriptions about which product was tripped, and recent and historical activity.

When Wink detects activity in your home, you’ll immediately receive a mobile notification that prompts you to quickly take action if you suspect abnormal activity. Options include turning on the Wink Siren, pulling up your contacts list so you can notify a family member or neighbor, or call the authorities to report an incident.

In addition to the Wink Lookout starter kit, Wink Lookout works with dozens of other Wink-compatible alarms, locks, cameras, doorbells, door/window sensors, motion sensors, and garage door openers. Visit here for more information on what Works With Wink.

Pricing and Availability

Wink Lookout has an MSRP of $199 (U.S.) and will be available at,, and starting Tuesday, October 31. The Wink Door / Window Sensor has an MSRP of $29 (U.S.), the Wink Siren & Chime has an MSRP of $39 (U.S.), and the Wink Motion Sensor has an MSRP of $39 (U.S.).

In addition to the starter kit, Lookout works with dozens of other Wink-compatible alarms, locks, cameras, doorbells, door/window sensors, motion sensors, and garage door openers. Visit here for more information on what Works With Wink.

About Wink
Wink is the smart home platform that brings all your favorite products together – so you can easily monitor, control, and automate them wherever you are. With dozens of brand partners, hundreds of compatible products, and over 2.7 million devices connected to the platform and counting, Wink makes the smart home accessible to everyone. Founded in 2014, Wink is based in New York and owned by For more information, visit