Team 17 just released their base-building strategy survival game Sheltered on the Play Store. It is a port of the PC and console releases, and it retains everything those titles contain including a premium price point. The gist of the game has you protecting 4 family members in a post-apocalyptic world by venturing into an unsafe land in order to provide for your family. You can pick it up today for $3.99.

From the outset it is clear that Sheltered is a pixel-based post-apocalyptic survival game where you are in charge of providing for your family who are living with you in an abandoned shelter. You will have to venture forth into a dangerous world to find much-needed supplies. This is, of course, a lot easier said than done thanks to the many dangers that await you once you leave the comforts of your home-base.


For the most part, it appears that the game has been well received on both console and PC, with only a few complaints that state the game can be difficult when you first start out. You will have to deal with many deaths of you and your family members before things start to come together. This is due to much of the game relying on luck over skill, which can get irritating. But if you stick it out, there appears to be a worthwhile experience once things start going your way. A few other complaints concern the repetitiveness of the game. So yes, you will have to start over quite a lot, but anyone who has ever played a survival game should be pretty familiar with this type of setup.

While I can see Sheltered being directly compared to games like Fallout Shelter, you have to remember that this is a premium experience and not a free-to-play release. That means the gameplay isn't hobbled by an FTP monetization scheme as you are free to manage your family and shelter without any wait timers or false roadblocks. So if you enjoyed Fallout Shelter but didn't like how the gameplay was affected by its monetization, Sheltered is most definitely the better choice.


So yeah, Team 17's Sheltered appears to be checking all of the right boxes. It's a premium release that is offered at a hugely discounted price compared to its consoles and PC counterparts. The gameplay provides a solid survival experience where the majority of reviews have been overly positive. While the genre does demand you deal with repetitive gameplay that is often based around luck, what you see is what you get, and in my opinion that is a very good thing.

Price: $5.49