Not all of us are huge fans of iOS, but there's one thing that Apple's mobile operating system gets very right: Bluetooth battery levels. This feature made its formal Android debut on the Pixel 2, and it's now coming to all Android devices with the Android 8.1 developer preview. It also brings the battery level to Quick Settings, which will definitely come in handy.

The Pixel 2 already allowed you to view your Bluetooth devices' battery levels when you expanded the Quick Settings toggle, but 8.1 makes it even easier. Now, you'll be able to see it whenever you pull the notification bar down right next to the Bluetooth icon, and again when you swipe down again.

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Of course, you can still view this in the Bluetooth menu in Settings, but being able to quickly check the battery level without opening a new app is definitely useful. You may also note the faded navigation keys in the screenshots, which we noted here.