Photos is one of the most successful and amazing Google services launched in (relatively) recent times and I love the way it keeps surfacing memories for me and creating awesome animations and collages. One new Photos Assistant smart creation that we've seen over the past week is a "Then & Now" card that puts an old picture of you or one of your people next to a new one. For comparison, and nostalgia, and tears. Photos should get Kleenex as a sponsor.

Artem first spotted it a few days ago and several commenters said the same. The card, if you're lucky enough to get it, will show in the Assistant tab of Photos. Here are a couple of examples from Artem and a reader (with blurred faces, sorry) that are all about their children. Artem's photo - the first one - has his wife holding his first son next to his now grown first son holding his baby bro. AwwwwwwwWho started cutting onions all of a sudden???

Then & Now seems to also work on adults, not just children. Android Police alumni Cameron Summerson got one for himself. You can feast your eyes on the fierceness below. We miss you, Cam <3