Shipping delays on Pixel phones are nothing new. It took months for Google to get out from under the backlog for the original Pixel. This time, the white models seem to be in particularly short supply. Several people who ordered the smaller Pixel 2 in white are getting notices from Google that their orders have been pushed back by a month, but they are getting a small token of apology from Google.

We've heard from several people who bought the Pixel 2 with an October ship date only to have that date slip all the way to late November. A few posts on Reddit discuss a similar occurrence. Check your email if you ordered the Clearly White Pixel 2, and you might find you are also among those with delayed shipping.

All is not lost, though. The late November ship date might just be a worst-case scenario. Plenty of Pixel 2 orders are supposed to go out before that, and not everyone has gotten a delay notification. However long the delay ends up being, Google will apparently provide a code for a free Live Case to make up for the issues. Keep an eye on your email for that, too.

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