Default internal storage has risen in the past few years from 16GB to 64GB for flagship smartphones today, but if you shoot lots of video, that space can still get taken up pretty quickly. For those situations, you'll need a microSD card, and SanDisk's 256GB A1-rated Ultra will do that job perfectly. It's currently just $123.99, $26 off its MSRP, on Amazon.

This 256GB Ultra is virtually the best card you can put in your phone in terms of both storage and speed, with Class 10, UHS-1, and A1 ratings. That A1 rating means that you'll be able to load apps off of it with relative ease, which may be handy depending on what you use your card for. SanDisk claims transfer speeds of up to 95MB/s, which is very impressive.

$123.99 is the lowest we've seen this microSD card go for. It's even cheaper than this inferior, non-A1 spec 256GB SanDisk Ultra card at the moment. But if you want one, you'll have to wait a little while; Amazon is claiming a 1-4 week wait time. Hit the source link below to purchase one and begin the waiting game.