Battery life is a highly subjective thing. For some, getting 3-4 hours of screen-on time is more than adequate, others don't consider anything short of 6 to be enough. Even though I'm probably on my phone more often than most (since it's kinda my job), I'm of the opinion that 4-5 hours is a pretty decent goal for manufacturers. Anything above that, while great to see, I just consider a bonus since I'm probably not going to use it before I plug in at night.

What about you? The topic of 'good' battery life has been a subject of some debate here at Android Police over the last few weeks. That got me to wondering what our readers might think. There are a lot of ways to measure it, and different activities and circumstances can have a huge effect on the numbers you see. Even so, with screen-on time as your consideration, what do you consider to be 'good' battery life?

For a bit of comparison, here are some numbers from our recently reviewed phones. Keep in mind that our workflow might not be the same as yours, these numbers can change significantly if you regularly have a higher-demand workload.

As you can see, most recent phones can deliver around a 'whole day' (or 6+ hours) of screen-on time battery life. At least, in our testing/use. From another perspective, if you work a typical 9-to-5 job and sleep 8 hours a day, then 6 hours of screen-on time leaves you just two hours for everything else in your life.

So, what do you think? How much screen-on time would you call 'good?' You all know how we feel from our reviews, let us know your opinion in the poll just below.

What do you consider to be 'good' when it comes to screen-on battery life?

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