The Google Home doesn't have a display of its own, but it's becoming very good at controlling other screens around your house. You can start playback of content from Google Photos, YouTube, and others with a simple voice command, turning the Home into a voice-controlled TV remote. Google has now added the ability to easily watch news videos on your TV using Assistant commands.

Google Home already responds to "play the news" or "play [category] news," which starts playing a relevant news summary or podcast through the speakers. But now, you can say "watch news" to see videos on your TV. You can see it in action below - please excuse my terrible video skills.

Once you finish talking, relevant news videos will start playing on a connected device. In the above example, I set my projector as the default playback device, but you can say commands like "on living room TV" at the end to specify what screen to use. You can also choose the news category ("watch technology news"), the news provider ("watch CNN news on my TV"), and the topic ("watch news about hurricanes").