The road to Instant Apps has been a long and tedious one. After being announced at I/O 2016 (yes, more than a year ago), they only began testing at the start of 2017, were opened to devs at I/O this year, and started properly rolling then to reach more than 500 Million devices in August. One component was still missing though from the Instant Apps experience: a way to try an Instant App on the Play Store without downloading it first. That's what we're here to talk about.

The "Try Now" button was announced as part of a large post about new Play Console features on the Google Developers Blog, but it's not yet showing up for everyone. I can't see it on any of my devices, and neither can Artem. But our tipster can and here are a couple of screenshots he provided.

The "Try Now" button sits next to "Install" on listings of apps you don't already have on your phone, and tapping it loads the Instant App so you can see what all the fuss is about before downloading it. To check if you have the button on your device, head over to this small collection on the Play Store and choose any one of them - they all support Instant Apps. Otherwise, keep checking. Maybe in a few days you'll get it.

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