The Pixel 2 reviews might be up, but Google's original 2016 Pixel is still a capable device. It's not as if the old one has gone bad just because a new model has arrived. But, if you've been using your OG 5" Pixel to its utmost, your battery might not be what it once was. Thankfully, BrexLink's Pixel battery case can give you a big bump in capacity, and the 15 lucky winners of this giveaway will get one for free.

If giveaways aren't your thing, or your phone's battery just can't last until the drawing, you can also pick one up right now for 25% off with our coupon code.

The BrexLink Google Pixel battery case provides you with an extra 4,300mAh, or a bit over 150% of additional capacity. It's able to fully recharge your 2016 5" Pixel in less than two hours. And with dual pass-through charging, you can top up both the Pixel and its new battery case simultaneously at up to 2A.

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Our winners are:

  • Gio O
  • Jomari E
  • Everett L
  • Anthony G
  • Barnard H
  • Matthew H
  • Andre S
  • Meaghan J
  • Kyle B
  • Sean S
  • Scott B
  • Jason D
  • Keanan R
  • N. S.
  • John S

Like the other BrexLink battery cases, this one also has safeguards present against overcharging, over-current situations, and overheating. So your phone won't just last longer, it's also better protected.

Protection comes in many forms, though. And since this is a battery case, it's meant to protect your phone physically, too. With 360° edge coverage and a two-part construction that combines a soft, flexible frame with a hard shell, BrexLink has you covered. So not only can the soft material absorb the shock of impacts, but the hard backplate is also there to help protect you from scratches.

There's no need to worry about the case interfering with your phone's basic functionality, either. Precise cutouts for the fingerprint reader, buttons, speakers, mics, and rear camera ensure you don't lose any functionality even as you gain longevity.

And BrexLink has a long 24-month warranty, upgradeable to a lifetime warranty by following the company on its social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you're looking to pick one up right now, you can use our coupon code APGIV007 over at Amazon to skip the wait of a giveaway entirely.

This giveaway is for the BrexLink Google Pixel battery case, which is exclusively compatible with the 5" 2016 Pixel. The case will only work with that size and model. You'll need a US mailing address to be eligible for this giveaway. This contest runs until 11:59 PM Pacific time on Friday, October 20th. You can enter via the widget below. For information on other BrexLink products, check out the manufacturer's site.

Brexlink Pixel (5" 2016) battery case giveaway