Most carriers offer some sort of monthly insurance plan for your phone when you buy a new phone from them, and Verizon is no exception. But to make its Total Mobile Protection plans more appealing, Big Red has made a few changes, including a price reduction for deductibles and a new enrollment period for phones less than two years old.

Total Mobile Protection still starts at $9 per month ($11/month for phones); the subscription fee hasn't changed. But now, the deductible for a cracked screen repair has been lowered from $49 to a more reasonable $29. For your $29, you'll get the same next-day replacement, the same coverage of 296 certified repair stores and 152 home/office meet-ups in cities, and up to three claims per year.

Usually, you can only add on Total Mobile Protection when you purchase a new device, but from today until November 17th, Verizon will allow any phone less than 24 months old to be signed up for the plan. So if you've been on the hunt for an insurance plan for your phone and you have Verizon, now's a good time to register.