The LG V30 was announced way back at IFA almost two months ago, but it's only just started shipping to consumers. This phone is almost unbelievably light but that doesn't mean it's not sturdy. The latest LG phone has gone through usual JerryRigEverything durability tests and it managed to remain in one piece.

The JerryRigEverything test consists of scratch, flame, and bend portions. The scratch test verifies that the V30's screen is as durable as other phones sporting Gorilla Glass 5. All the edges are metal, so scratching those doesn't do a lot of damage. Scratching the fingerprint sensor causes it to stop working, though.

The flame test is not very relevant to your usage, but it's still neat. This is an OLED, so the flame permanently damages the pixels. What you're really here to see is the bend test. Well, the V30 handles it fine. The glass panels don't separate from the frame, so the water-resistance is probably still working. Not bad, LG.