For years, there has been a small but passionate group of consumers that value one thing above all else in a phone: battery life. Devices like ASUS' Zenfone 3 Max and the Huawei Mate 9 deliver tremendous capacity, but it isn't always enough. Sometimes you want the best of both worlds, a flagship with the biggest possible battery. For the former, there's always Samsung's latest Note8. To satisfy the latter, the BrexLink 5,500mAh Galaxy Note8 battery case comes in.

Not only does the BrexLink case for the Note8 give you an extra 5,500mAh, significantly extending your battery capacity, but it also provides the protection you need. The best part? Right now we're giving away 15 of them, along with some 25%-off coupon codes for the impatient. 

5,500mAh gives you an extra 160% of battery capacity, and it's powerful enough to fully recharge your Note8 in just two hours. The case is able to pass-through while charging, allowing both your phone and the extended battery to top-up simultaneously, at up to a 2A combined rate. There are even built-in safeguards to protect you from overcurrent, overcharging, and overheating.

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Of course, all that wouldn't be of much use without any protection, but the BrexLink Galaxy Note8 case combines a soft, flexible construction with a stiff back plate in a hybrid composite structure. Together, they protect your device with the best of both materials.

One of the best features about the Note8 is the stylus, and this case doesn't do anything to interfere with that, either. You've got full access to your S Pen as well as all the ports and buttons.

BrexLink even offers an incredible 24-month warranty, with the ability to upgrade to a lifetime warranty by following BrexLink on social media.

No time to wait? You can grab the BrexLink Note8 battery case over on Amazon right now for just $29.99 with the code APGIV006 at checkout.

You'll need to have a US mailing address to be eligible for this giveaway. The contest runs until 11:59 PM Pacific time on Wednesday, October 18th. You can enter via the widget just below. For more product details, check out BrexLink's site. And if you're interested in the company's other products, or future promotions, make sure to follow them over on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

BrexLink Note8 battery case giveaway