Anyone want to save some money on Google Play credit? If you answered "yes," then you're in luck. Amazon is currently offering a $50 Google Play gift card for $45. Bear in mind that you do have to wait for it to actually arrive in the mail, but you will save $5.

Buying apps and games is a lot of fun. For me, it's about supporting my favorite developers and getting all the extra goodies (or even ad removals). Even so, it's sometimes difficult to justify spending my hard-earned cash on things like that and the Opinion Rewards app doesn't throw me enough surveys to keep up with my Play Store wishlist.

With the holidays fast approaching, those of you who plan ahead may already be thinking about gift buying. $5 seems paltry, and to some degree it is, but at least you're saving some money, right? Head on over to the source link to pick up your (slightly) discounted gift card, but it's limited to only one per customer.