If you've ever sampled the BBC's excellent radio output, there's one app you really need in your life: BBC iPlayer Radio. It's a one-stop shop for all BBC radio shows, from sport to comedy to current affairs, and while the app may have its quirks, it's still a mostly good experience on Android.

The latest update to the app includes support for Google's in-car OS Android Auto (as well as Apple CarPlay), so you can more easily and safely listen to your favorite shows while you're behind the wheel. According to the BBC, 22 million people listen to its radio shows when driving, and a good number of those are likely to have Android Auto installed in their cars, so this will be good news for many.

You can see the changelog for the latest version below:

What's New

We have added support for Android Auto in this version! Thank you for your feedback.
Please remember when using the BBC iPlayer Radio app in your car it is your responsibility to always:
· follow safe driving practices (i.e. don’t be distracted and focus on the road at all times)
· comply with all relevant laws, traffic regulations and road signs.

All shows and series are available in the car; you just have to add them on your phone for them to appear. A Listen Later playlist will play whatever is in it without breaking, just as a radio station would. If you often drive through areas where a data connection is hard to come by, offline downloads will have you covered. If you do have signal, you can listen to any BBC radio station, national or local.

Voice commands give you completely hands-free control over playback, but there's also the usual, simplified touch interface if you'd rather not talk to your car. Android Auto support in the app is compatible with 5.0 Lollipop and above, and you can update to the latest version on the Play Store or manually via APKMirror. (Beware, if you install the APK it won't work with Auto. See Rita's comment down below).

BBC iPlayer Radio
BBC iPlayer Radio