Up until recently, the Google Wifi router and mesh network system was only available in 7 countries on the Google Store: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA. The country availability support page of Google even officially attests to that. But Google Wifi is now up for sale in 5 more countries, mostly from Northern Europe.

These 5 countries are Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. Here are the links and prices for the single and triple packs of Wifi routers for each of them:

  • Denmark: 1090 kr for 1-pack, 2890 kr for 3-pack
  • Finland: 149 € for 1-pack, 375 € for 3-pack
  • Netherlands: 139 € for 1-pack, 359 € for 3-pack
  • Norway: 1390 kr for 1-pack, 3590 kr for 3-pack
  • Sweden: 1490 kr for 1-pack, 3690 kr for 3-pack

If you're interested in decking your apartment or house with Wifi routers and you live in these countries, now you can grab them directly from the Google Store. And remember, Wifi added parental controls just yesterday so it's often updated unlike many routers that are just released and forgotten.

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