Google provides various tools to keep your account secure like login alerts and 2-factor authentication. If you're extra paranoid, Google just launched a program tailored to you. The Advanced Protection Program adds a set of stronger protections to your account, and it's available right now for all personal Google accounts. Why isn't it rolling out to everyone? Because Advanced Protection Program isn't going to be very convenient.

Advanced Protection Program is for people who are legitimately worried about someone gaining access to their account data. Google cites journalists protecting sources and political organizers as two groups who might want Advanced Protection Program.

At launch, Advanced Protection Program adds three new features to keep that data safe. Firstly, it requires a U2F security key (see above) to sign into your account. These hardware authenticators use public key cryptography to keep other people from logging into your account. Google will also limit which apps can access your account data. For now, it'll only be Google's apps, but other trusted apps will be added over time. Finally, the account recovery process is beefed up with Advanced Protection Program. There will be additional steps and reviews of your answers before account access is granted.

These are just the first changes under the program. Google says Advanced Protection Program will evolve as security does. So, joining the program means you'll always have the strongest protections Google can provide. You can sign up now, but you have to use Chrome and be on a personal Google account.