This has been an exciting few weeks for the Google Home. Google's AI-augmented smart speaker got a ton of new features at I/O, as well as two new models. More recently, we've seen things cover the range from spooky to downright terrifying. All this has us thinking, where do you keep your Google Home?

There are so many useful places for it. Voice controls almost seem made for dirty hands in the kitchen. Since you can use it to control both your Logitech Harmony and Chromecast, it's great for media controls in the living room, too.

And why limit yourself? A lot of people have more than just one Google Home. I'm still waiting to get my first from the pre-order promotion for the Pixel XL, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Artem has an even carpet of them distributed throughout all the flat surfaces in his home.

The two new models will only make it easier to fit into your life. Google's Home Mini might have seen its capacitive button get nerfed, but with its small size, it's bound to be useful in even more places throughout your home. They ship in just a few days, too. The Home Max won't be available until December, but with its pumped-up sound, it should be great on a patio or large living room.

So, if you've got one, where do you use yours?

Where do you use your Google Home (if you have one)?

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