Google Assistant doesn't need to do a whole lot more to earn the "spooky" tag, but that's not stopping the team behind it from trying — but this time for smiles, not shivers. The virtual assistant is now equipped with interactive, intentionally humorous responses to some Halloween-related questions and commands.


The new Google Assistant treats include:

  • "Ok Google, what should I be for Halloween?" triggers a series of five questions to help Google Assistant find you the perfect costume. My recommendation: "a complete ecosystem."
  • “Ok Google, add Halloween candy to my shopping list” is nothing more than a reminder that Google Assistant's head-scratching Shopping List feature is still a thing.
  • "Ok Google, scare me" turns Google Assistant into an emoji-dependent poet, clearly built for our times.
  • "Ok Google, let's get spooky" begins an hourlong track titled "Halloween Sounds," cues connected smart lights to turn on and off, and takes control of connected TVs (though this treat may come with some glitchy tricks for some users).

These are just some of Google Assistant's ghoulishly delightful Easter eggs. There are plenty more Halloween-themed responses to discover, but we'll leave that frightful hunt for our readers, though we do have a few more videos here.