Google's wallpaper app gets a refreshed collection every once in a while, but it's still pretty limited in what it offers. Today, however, marks the arrival of 3 new categories that should open up the app to more diverse wallpapers, plus a few new wallpapers in existing categories.

First, the new categories are Geometric Shapes, Underwater, and Keep Looking. Only the first one, which feels so Nexus 4, will show up on all devices, whereas the other two appear to be Pixel-exclusive for now. Sad, because I really wanted those underwater wallpapers.

Second, there are new wallpapers in different categories, but they also appear to be Pixel-exclusive for now. Those include the Rainy day wallpaper seen on the Pixel 2.

None of the Pixel 2's new moving live wallpapers have made it into the app, even on Pixels, which makes me even sadder. If Google's Wallpapers is open to all devices, why segregate the content like that and stop users of other brands of phones from grabbing the wallpapers? It's an image, there's no technical reason why it shouldn't be available to all. Yes, I'm bitter. I want those underwater wallpapers now and I don't want to wait until my Pixel 2 XL ships. I guess I'll go check Backdrops to tide me over.

There's no update necessary to the Wallpapers app, but in case you haven't installed it yet, it's on the Play Store and APK Mirror.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free