Asmodee Digital has just released a new card game on the Play Store. It is called Smash Up - The Shufflebuilding Game, and it's a digital recreation of the award-winning physical "shufflebuilding" game Smash Up. You can grab this new release today for $4.99, and despite in-app purchases being clearly listed on the game's Play Store page, there are in fact none to be found in the game. That's right, this is a fully premium release.

In the simplest of terms, Smash Up - The Shufflebuilding Game is a strategy card game. The central mechanic of the game has you drafting two faction decks from a choice of pirates, ninjas, robots, zombies, etc, in order to combine them to create a dominant hybrid team. Each faction brings a different game mechanism into play, which makes for plenty of strategic gameplay. Of course, the shufflebuilding aspect comes into play when you take the two decks you created and shuffle them into a larger deck, to then compete against an opponent to see who can smash the most bases.

While this gameplay may sound confusing at first, it does not take long to get the hang of it. Considering that there is a built-in tutorial system designed to help players learn, there shouldn't be any issue trying to figure out how the game works. And unlike many of the card-based games found on the Play Store, you won't need to worry about upgrades, card packs, or any of that other free-to-play nonsense.

Much like the physical Smash Up game, this digital version supports 2-4 players. This is accomplished through online cross-platform multiplayer. If that does not float your boat, you also have the ability to play solo against the AI.

It is also clear that Google Play Games Services is present with the inclusion of a leaderboard and achievement system. Sadly there is no word on whether or not cloud saves are supported.

So if you are looking for a new competitive card game to play against your friends and family that isn't looking to pilfer your wallet, Smash Up - The Shufflebuilding Game is a solid option. While I wouldn't say it is comparable to FTP games such as Hearthstone, it is a great choice for a digital tabletop experience.

Smash Up - The Shufflebuilding Game
Smash Up - The Shufflebuilding Game

Press Release

Smash Up Now Available on Steam and Mobile
Award-Winning Pop Culture Mashup Makes Its Digital Shuffle-building Debut
PARIS - Oct. 12, 2017 - Asmodee Digital, a leader in digital board game entertainment, Alderac Entertainment Group and Nomad Games today released Smash Up on Steam, Android and iOS devices. This beautiful digital adaptation of Paul Peterson’s award-winning card game challenges players to draft a hybrid team of misfits and take on other players or the game AI.
From pirates and ninjas to robots, zombies and beyond, Smash Up is a shuffle-building game where players pick two factions and shuffle them to build a deck. The goal is simple: capture the bases on the board to earn points, and the first player to 15 points claims victory! With up to four-player multiplayer and solo gameplay options (against the AI), Smash Up is perfect for parties of any size - across the world or across the living room.
“Collaborating with Nomad games on this digital adaptation of one of the most acclaimed card games has been a great experience. We believe Smash Up’s digital adaptation will not only please fans, but also encourage new players to join the Smash up community,” said Philippe Dao, Chief Marketing Officer at Asmodee Digital.
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