For those of you who haven't heard about it, PowerUp makes smartphone-controlled paper airplanes. They're relatively inexpensive, with a basic PowerUp 3.0 costing $24.99, and they work pretty well which has led to them becoming incredibly popular. The last time PowerUp used Kickstarter to launch a product, it closed on $1.2m after asking for only $50,000. This time around, the goal is just $25,000. It's not hard to see where this is going.

There's still one week to go, but already $1,233,857 has been pledged by backers. That's more than $1.2m in excess of its goal, which proves that the planes are as popular as they were three years ago. So what does this new product bring to the table? Well, after the PowerUp 3.0, an FPV model was launched that included a camera. A video stream could be viewed through a head-mounted display and controlled by tilting your head, which was pretty nifty. The latest product in the line, the PowerUp Dart, brings with it the ability to do tricks. Take a look at the amusing product video below to learn more.

The Dart is capable of some extraordinary feats, including flips, loops, and barrel rolls, and you can build various designs to perform different stunts. The Android app will function as the controller, with both tilt and gamepad options depending on what you find easiest to maneuver.

Delivery of the planes is promised in time for the holiday season, which is ideal as they will make for perfect gifts. They will be available as a single plane for $37, as well as multipacks of two ($69), four ($119), or six ($219). Check out the source link for more information.