One of Android 8.0 Oreo's new features is the new actionable battery menu, which gives you far more details and options than the previous design. But behind the scenes, the company has been tweaking 'Device Health Services,' the app that calculates your remaining battery percentage based on your usage. Now it looks like Google has uploaded the app to the Play Store.


Phone manufacturers upload system apps to the Play Store all the time, so the apps can be individually updated outside of a system upgrade. In this case, version 1.0.2 has been published with the following changelog:

  • Model & infrastructure improvements
  • More models
  • Bug fixes

If you have a Nexus or Pixel device running Android 7.1 or higher (or a near-stock ROM), you should see an update soon. Keep in mind that this won't get you the improved battery screen from Oreo on Nougat, just improved 'time remaining' calculations for your battery usage. You can see the Play Store page for it below, and I highly recommend reading the reviews. You can also download it from APKMirror, if you need it from there for some reason.

The app was not found in the store. :-(