Android Pay is always striving to add new banks and credit unions, and in the case of the United States there's an awful lot to get through. Just recently, 24 new institutions were added to the service, and now a further 16 have also made the cut. You should be notified by your bank when they add support for Android Pay to your card, but just in case, why not take a look at the list to see if you're one of the lucky ones.

The latest update includes the following banks and unions:

  1. Chevron Federal Credit Union
  2. Collins State Bank
  3. Diebold Federal Credit Union
  4. DuGood Federal Credit Union
  5. First Federal Bank
  6. Hawthorn Bank
  7. Litchfield National Bank
  8. People's Choice Federal Credit Union
  9. Progressive Savings Bank
  10. Sidney Federal Credit Union
  11. TBK Bank
  12. Vacationland Federal Credit Union
  13. Washington Financial Bank

Synchrony Financial was just added to the list as well. Synchrony powers credit card processing for many companies, such as GoogleAmazon, Sam's Club, and hundreds of others.

If you're not sure whether the keeper of your funds is available on Android Pay yet, head over to the official site where you'll be greeted by a list of more than 1,000 institutions. It's a daunting list and it doesn't have a search function, so cmd+f or ctrl+f will be your friend for this one. If yours isn't there yet, too bad, but it might not be too long before it's added.

More info on Synchrony

Google has provided full details on which Synchrony cards are included.