Microsoft's Outlook team has been hard at work going through user requests recently, and upcoming updates to the Android app will add some of the most in-demand features. Using the feedback and votes collated on Outlook UserVoice, the team is bringing a number of enhancements to the calendar so that it now functions more like its desktop counterpart.

The most notable addition is the ability to sync shared calendars in the Android app. It will be possible to sync Office 365 and calendars that have been shared with you so you can edit and view them on the go. You'll also be able to share your own calendars and accept sharing invitations from others from within the app, rather than having to head to the desktop.

Management of delegate calendars is also being added to the app, allowing you to accept requests as well as view and edit the calendars you've been given access to. Dealing with delegate invitations and responses will be less confusing, too, as they will be more clearly labeled to indicate whose calendar they relate to.

Social get-together app Meetup is also being integrated with the Outlook app, just like Facebook and Evernote were earlier in the year. Connecting your Meetup account will sync your upcoming events with your Outlook calendar, which could be useful if you use it often.

Event management is the other area seeing big improvements. It's now possible to create recurring events, RSVP to single entries in recurring series, and view co-worker availability. Message responses to meeting invites, private events, and changing your availability during meeting times are all coming soon to Android.

Look out for some of these changes when you next update your Outlook app. If you have any other features you'd like to request, you can do so from the app by navigating to Settings > Help & Feedback> Suggest a Feature.