Despite numerous software updates attempting to fix the problem, one bug has persisted on Google's Pixel and Pixel XL - Bluetooth. Ever since release, both phones have had problems connecting to (and staying connected to) Bluetooth devices, and the recent Android 8.0 Oreo update seemed to make things worse. Google is once again trying to fix the Pixels' Bluetooth woes.

Over the past three months, several threads on the Pixel Product Forum have been filled with Bluetooth bug reports from users. Orrin, a Community Manager at Google, recently posted that the October security update for the Pixel and Pixel XL contained some fixes. Here's the full post:

Thanks again to all of you that have given your feedback here on the thread and to those that sent over bug reports. It's been extremely helpful for the team. We want to let you know that there are some Bluetooth fixes in the October security update (which is currently rolling out via OTA), and we will continue to roll out additional fixes over the next few updates.

Glad to hear that some of you have been reporting that the issues are resolved. For those on the Oct update, please post your experiences here. We'll continue to monitor your feedback and keep this thread updated with any other information.

Let us know in the comments if Bluetooth seems to work better on your Pixel after the October update.

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