At this point, I'm pretty certain that there's a switch somewhere in Google's code for its Search algorithm that someone keeps flipping on and off inadvertently... or maybe they like toying with people's workflows and feelings.

Two months ago, we reported that setting reminders in Search on a desktop was not working anymore. The feature had been introduced in 2015 and worked by simply typing, "remind me to something" in Google Search on a desktop. It was quite handy since it blended in with your workflow while on your desk, not requiring you shout at your phone or manually type it in. After being broken for about a month, we verified last September that reminders were working again and thought that'd be the end of a bad bug or mistake on Google's part.

It should not do this.

Well, not so much. Setting reminders doesn't work now and hasn't worked for a couple of days since we started getting tips about it. We thought we'd give Google the benefit of the doubt and wait for a fix, but nope, it's still there. So here we are policing Google again and bringing the bug back to everyone's attention in hopes that it gets solved, and maybe for good this time.

  • Thanks:
  • Kyle Smaagard,
  • Nick Trinidad,
  • and Jon Z