Amazon's Echo Show was released back in May, after months of rumors and speculation. The main differentiating feature was the 7" touchscreen, as all existing Echo products (except the upcoming Echo Spot) are audio-only. Now you can buy an Echo Show from basically everywhere for $199.99, a $30 discount from the original price.

The Echo Show has a 7" touchscreen, dual 2-inch stereo speakers, a 5MP front-facing camera for video calls, and an 8-microphone array. The screen is used to provide visual feedback for Alexa skills, or to see the other person with Echo video calls. For example, you can watch news briefings, display a cooking recipe, or show your calendar. And of course, it can do everything the other Echos can do.

The Echo Show appears to be discounted almost everywhere it's sold. You can buy it from various retailers below.