These days, we don't see the actual '' as much as we used to, thanks to the search functionality built into the URL bars of pretty much every browser. But after its October 4th event where the Pixel 2, Home Mini, Home Max, and many more were announced, the homepage got two new links added to the top left: About and Store.

The Google homepage was never a very densely-populated page, being about 99% just white to maintain a clean, modern look. However, that percentage has been reduced to 98.9% thanks to the new 'About' and 'Store' links. Hitting 'About' takes you here, where you can see miscellaneous stories, as well as the current Google Doodle, things currently being searched, and Google's live social feeds. And as you might expect, 'Store' just brings you straight to the Google Store, where you can peruse all of Google's interesting hardware (but not Android Wear). Google even advertised the Pixel 2 and the rest of its products on October 5th with some text below the search bar, but that's gone now.

Head over to to see this for yourself. It's in the source link, but you probably know how to get there.