Sprint was strutting around last week, telling us all that it was going to be the only "major carrier" to offer the LG V30+ this month. However, it turns out the accuracy of that statement really depends on your definition of "major." US Cellular has just announced that it has launched both the V30 and the V30+ on its major-ish network.

The V30 and V30+ are very similar devices—it's actually kind of strange LG even bothered to have different names for them. The V30 has 64GB of storage, and the V30+ has 128GB. The V30+ also comes with nicer headphones designed to take advantage of the HiFi DAC, which is built into both phones.

Sprint has the V30+ for $38 per month on Sprint Flex, which is a two-year lease program. US Cellular has put the device up for order on its website, and the price is a bit lower on a monthly basis. You'll pay $30.20 per month for 30 months ($906 total). So, the term is a little longer, but it's not a lease. The regular V30 on USC is $28.32 per month ($849.60 total). It comes down to whether or not US Cellular has the coverage you need.