We don't distribute "finally" in titles gratuitously. In order for a piece of news to earn its "finally," it has to be a popular request and one that's been long in the making and, more often than not, it has to be so logical that its absence baffled us. But today, we have a much-earned "finally" for song search on Assistant.

One of the most beloved features of Google Search has long been asking it what's playing to identify songs around you. It works like Shazam or SoundHound, but without requiring a third-party app. When Google introduced Assistant, everyone was disappointed to see what the command didn't work. You could still use the regular Google Search (launch Google app and tap the search bar or mic icon), but that was a workaround. And why on earth couldn't Assistant do it? It was one of those discrepancies between Search and Assistant that we absolutely hated.

That's dumb.

Well, "OK Google, what's this song?" will soon start working on Assistant. It's already functional on the Pixel 2, which is what we got in the image below, but we were able to confirm it won't be a Pixel 2 exclusive. It will be coming soon to Assistant on your existing device. When you ask the question, a listening bar will show up on the bottom and then you'll get the search result with a handy card to listen to the song on several services.

Much better.

Now I'll just cross my finger that this won't be limited to certain countries only, like the Google Search song search one was. That was ridiculous.