There were several major announcements from Google yesterday, but a few changes flew under the radar. One of those was the removal of all Android Wear devices from the online Google Store, including the 'flagship' LG Watch Sport and Watch Style. But it seems that's just part of a larger move to make the entire store comprised of only Google-made products.

With the exception of accessories like wireless headphones and cases, plus products from Nest, all non-Google products are gone from the store. Even the Samsung Chromebook Plus, which Google was heavily involved in the development of, are nowhere to be found (the Acer Chromebook 11 and Chromebook 14 are also gone). The entire Android Wear section is gone, presumably because Google doesn't have any Google-branded watches.

Google introduced the 'Made by Google' branding last year, alongside the Pixel and other products. Since the company has had a long history of collaborating with hardware partners to develop products (most notably the Nexus lineup), the new branding was designed to indicate products developed entirely in-house. Now it looks like Google wants to limit its online store to just 'Made by Google' (and, to a lesser extent, 'Made for Google').

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