Where is your phone right now? Is it in your pocket, on the coffee table, or has it slipped in between the couch cushions? You won't have to wonder about where your phone has gotten to anymore, as long as there's a Google Home nearby. Google is adding a feature to find your phone with a voice command, even if the phone is on silent.

All you need to say is "where's my phone" or "find/ring my phone," and Google Home will ping the phone. This is a feature I've hacked into my Home using IFTTT, but the Google version will be better as it can turn up the volume on your phone. It will make noise even if you left the ringer silenced, so it's basically like the "find my device" web service. It should be a lot more convenient when you're at home, though. It also uses voice ID to make sure it's ringing your phone and not a different phone in the house.

Making a silenced phone ring via Home is only for Android devices. An iPhone can still be found via Home, but it's just a phone call. You're still going to be digging through the cushions if the phone was silenced when you lost it. This feature will work on any Google Home device; Home Mini, Home, or Home Max.

The "find my phone" feature has already gone live. Go ahead and give it a go. Here's Artem's Home finding his Pixel XL with DND mode on:

If you have more than one device, Assistant will cycle through them. It's not clear how and even if it's possible to re-order the list of devices to ring, especially if you have more than several. What would make sense to us is a dynamic list, ordered according to usage patterns (most recently used, most recently found, active SIM, etc.). However, even after 3-4 tests, Assistant asked Artem about the same old device (Nexus 6) instead of the current daily driver (Pixel XL). We'll update this post if the behavior changes or we find a way to manually re-order.

Now that we tried again, the daily driver did move to the top position, so Google does seem to reshuffle the list every once in a while. Great!

Several more points:

  1. Only phones can be found using this method, it seems. Saying "find my tablet" results in the same answer about phones.
  2. Assistant only asked about 2 of many phones on Artem's account before giving up.
  3. After asking about playing a loud sound on those 2 phones, Assistant moved on to asking whether it should dial the 2 phone numbers on the account instead as a last resort.